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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Good morning!

Sorry about not posting yesterday but I've been busy, what with the job search and all.

Earlier this week I solicited ideas for Trade Monkey. Some suggestions include:
  1. A real-time price-data ticker.
  2. A section that provides stock tips.
  3. Another section on translating financial jargon into English; such as "what is a Hedge Fund?"
  4. Fewer statistics jokes.

I'm looking into the ticker. And since I'm more of a futures and currencies guy - all my equity exposure is indexed - I'm refraining from stock tips. I'm bid on 3 and will try one or two more stat jokes...sorry.

Trade Monkey is a work in progress and I have no idea what it should look like. As I make changes please comment so I know what tastes the readers of Trade Monkey have. I will do my best to implement suggestions.

Please send suggestions and comments to:

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